13th June 2012: Sharks vs Remnants @ Fitz

This was officially a home fixture for the Sharks, so although for various reasons the game was played at Remnants’ home ground, Fitzwilliam College, we played by Sharks rules, i.e. batsmen retiring at 25. Jez won the toss and elected to bat first, a strategy that’s been working well for us this season. The Remnants attack was perhaps under-par, but Joe White is still a force to be reckoned with, and the going was slow to begin with. Jim and Jez were both out cheaply, but they did help to see off the opening bowlers and thereby make it more comfortable for those who followed. Clive and MVS came to the wicket, and it started to get easier. Clive chipped a casual 6 over midwicket on his way to 25*; MVS played himself in, and then accelerated decisively to reach 27* off 22 balls; Ralph added 20; and Adam W. hit a powerful 27* off only 11 balls. The stage was set for the arrival at the crease of Adam B. I can do no better than to quote the Remnants’ match report: [Then] came the be-shorted nemesis and brutal left-handed batsman who usually spends 5 minutes at the crease and retires before you can say “new balls please”. He didn’t disappoint tonight, losing three balls with some huge sixes, one of which bounced off the roof of Dave Norman’s house and onto Oxford Road. Matt Hughes received the harshest treatment and, indeed, the harshest treatment a Remnants bowler has ever felt, his two-over spell of 0/49 putting him on top of the list of least economical Remnants spells”. For the record, the scorebook says that Adam hit his 28* off 7 balls: 6-2-dot-6-2-6-6; if he could only learn to play more positively and eliminate the dot balls he could really contribute to this team… At the other end, Michael looked to be timing the ball well, and was unlucky to be caught behind. Aggressive running between the wickets from Sameer and Matt, and a wristy cameo from Jason, helped us to a very respectable total of 164-5 (admittedly aided by several dropped catches). For all that Adam’s knock (or perhaps I should say “bludgeon”) was the highlight of the Sharks innings, and he did score 17% of our total off only 5% of the balls bowled, that still left 136 runs to be made by other Sharks in what was a solid batting performance. We were confident we could defend that total, and our confidence was justified. Sameer and Adam B. opened the bowling; once Sameer found his line and length, he was beginning to look threatening, and one of the openers soon lobbed a catch to Jez in the covers. The wickets gradually started to fall and it became clear that Remnants were going to fall well short. It goes without saying that the Sharks fielding was committed and competent; highlights of the Sharks bowling were Adam B.’s 3-24, Ralph’s tight 1-14 off 4 overs, Adam W.’s fiery 2-8 off 2.4 overs and Matt’s thoughtful 1-11 off 3. The top scorer for Remnants only made 22 and the team was bowled out for 99 in the 18th over. Another fine Sharks performance, and another welcome opportunity to use the bar at the corner of the ground, where Dave Norman didn’t seem too miffed at any damage to his roof…

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